Thursday, July 26, 2012

Phosphor Watch Review/Giveaway

Phosphor Watch Review/Giveaway

I am so excited! Words can not even describe how exciting I am.
What am I giving away this brilliant Watch! Its gorgeous! 

The basic "time" mode features a 12-hour display, with the hours positioned above the minutes on the face. The watch face also offers a "seconds" mode and "off" mode, showing an entire face of crystals with no time display. 

How to enter:
1. "Like" this video
2. Be a subscriber
3. Answer this question as a comment
What's your favourite feature of the watch?
Which celebrity fan are you a fan of?
See the website for the answers

Use coupon code


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Sineady xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy French Tips At Home

I pick up this Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit  €5.49

Which includes:
Nude polish
White polish
& Nail tip guides 

Let's get started:

My natural nail shape is a square/oval shape. I like to just follow this shape as it works best for my nails. 

Take the tip guides provided. (If you don't have any of these take some clear sticky tape instead.)

Apply tape/tips wear you want your white tips to end.

Take white polish, wipe one side off on bottle.
Flip over and paint a thin layer of white on each tip.

Let dry and repeat with second coat.

Once fully dry remove guide slowly.

Apply two thin coats of nude polish to set and seal! 
You're done!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

'Saturday Shopping' OOTD Collab

Join in! Post a video response with your OOTD to my Video

Hi beautiful girlies!
Today is collaboration day! Are you joining it? I hope if this goes well that I will have it again some time soon. Check out the video above and add your OOTD video as a response xx

Sinead xx


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Professional Email:

Twitter: @sineadycady!/SineadyCady

User name: Sineadycady

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Collaborate With Me This Saturday!

Collaborate With Me!

So this Saturday 21st July I will be doing my first collaboration video. I am kind of nervous because what if no one joins in then it will be just me....Hmm please join in then?!

What you have to do:
Create an OOTD video on what you like to wear shopping.
Edit the video however you like, I do mine with music but its up to you, have fun with it.
Upload the video on you channel.
Use the name - Collaboration with TheMakeupChair
Post as a video response to my video.
Voila! you're done now its all down to me.

How to create a video response


  Press the box like you are going to comment and this happens.


See what happens -

Hope that helps, see you Saturday! xx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to Glamouriety!

Hi everyone sorry no Friday Favourites my dog sandy is sick and I had to travel home and be with her, she's okay right now fingers crossed but I think she'll be okay.

However on Wednesday I headed to the Benefit Cosmetics – Glamouriety, Cork. It was amazing filled with some of my favourite thing.




& of course bloggers friends! 

Make-up & Hair

I have a tutorial coming on red carpet glamour its very photo friendly make-up so I hope it help so of you out for prom/debs wedding whatever it might be for you.

The whole night was amazing! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm in the August issue of KISS! So crazy!!

First page :) That's me  the tiny picture!

Awhile ago I did a review on SO...? Fragrance well the company liked it so much was so sweet they offered to to put me in their latest two page advert in KISS, I couldn't believe it its craziness! 

I know a lot of my fellow gurus have had chances like this before but after 3 years this is the only time this has ever happened to me so I am really excited! Thanks to everyone one of you for watching my videos and reading my blog because not to sound all cheesy but it wouldn't be possible without you guys!!

Sineady x

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favourite!

So ITS FRIDAY!! Yay! I do love Fridays you know and more importantly I love doing my Friday favourites or FF for short! :)

I planned on doing my Bourjois favourites but when I gathered up all my stuff I realise I had a few too many missing but Essence saved the day! So here are my Essence favourites instead, enjoy!

All Eyes On Me - Soft Black 

All Eyes On Me 
Multi-effect Mascara
Not the darkest mascara I have ever use but great on botton lashes. 

        All Eyes On Me  - Deep Brown

Lash&Brow gel mascara - Clear
What can I say it does its job well!

Kajal Pencil 08 Teddy

Cream, blend-able and rich colour. I like this more for the lash line then the waterline though!

Eyebrow Designer 02 Brown 
All time favourite brow pencil.  

Long Lashing eye pencil (Roll up)
10 Almost Famous
So hard to find a light waterline pencil from the drugstore that isn't white this is prefect!

Metallic Eye pencil
White Divine
Sliver shimmer pencil, great for fun look!

Lip designer 020 Soft Fuchsia 
Double ended lip/brush pencil.

Quattro Eyeshadow
05 to die for
You will use then day after day its awesome!

On me here:
Mascara - Black
Shadows - Quattro Eyeshadow 05 to die for
Lower Lash Line - Kajal Pencil 08 Teddy
Waterline -Long Lashing almost famous!
Brows - Brow Gel
Brow pencil - Brown 02

Stay with me
my favourite milkshake 02
If the name doesn't give it away this lasts all day can be a little sticky though but not too much!

Check out the video -

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!! xx