Friday, January 31, 2014

♡ Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials ♡

Here is my newest Valentines's makeup tutorial. It's very girls and just FUN!
I'm using a pop of colour and I think this is a really day time valentine's look.

This look is more of a romantic evening look. Use dark purples and red. I wore this out for my anniversary so it's very special to me. 

Now this look is super dark, sexy and old time Gothic romance. Great for Gothic chicks!

This is my engagement chicken makeup look. I know lol sounds weird if you've heard of "Engagement Chicken", which is a dish that's supposed to cause boyfriends to propose marriage this is the makeup look that should give your partner a hint of what you might look like as a bride, planting the seed!! 

I will see you in two week as I am moving!! eek!
Talk soon, Sinead xx

Monday, January 20, 2014

Garnier BB Cream Oily Combination Skin Demo

Garnier BB Cream Oily Combination Skin

For Day to day coverage I wear Garnier BB creams. I've tried a few different BB creams and this one really surprised me. It didn't break me out, In face I would go as far as saying my skin is at its best when I use this. Though it's for "oily skin" it doesn't dry my skin out. If you have oily skin you are going to want a setting spray or powder with this.

PROS: Looks natural and super easy to apply.

CONS: Only two shades so not great for pale or dark skin and some people hate the alcohol smell from it.

I usually blend this down my neck and chest or use fake tan with it. I wish they had more shades, I would use it more often if it wasn't too dark.

You can see the full demo video here: 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Need HELP?? Check the videos below 

1. The Wrong Foundation Shade

Find the right foundation shade here:

How to lighten foundation:

How to darker foundation:

2. Lighter Concealer
What is Concealer / Corrector

How to cover a spot/pimple

How to cover under eye circles

How to cover under eye bags

3. Over Highlighting

Best highlighter : drugstore/highend

4. Too much Bronzer/Blush

How to Contour and Highlight Face,Cheeks,Nose & Eyes


Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow Tutorial

6. Nude vs Nude Lips

Longer Lasting Lipstick

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Perfect Hair Tool Tag

The Perfect Hair Tool Tag

1. Best Packaging
2. Best Style 
3. Most Versatile
4. Best for Travelling
5. Biggest Regret
6. Least Used
7. Most Used, Most Loved. Desert Island

Please feel free to join in with this tag, I would love to see it,
Sinead x

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Makeup For Glasses

I hardly ever wear my glasses, I always feel so ugly when I wear them! Lately I've been trying new makeup styles and I'm starting to love my glasses again. I see them as an accessory now instead of a burden. I love this look without glasses but when you put the glasses on it changes it, it completes it!

I hope you try this look out!

What I used:
♥ Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
♥ Garnier BB cream Oily/Combo
♥ Collection 2000 Long Lasting Concealer
♥ Anastasia Brow Powder Duo brunette
♥ E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie
♥ Elf Cream Bronzed Cream Shadow
♥ The Balm Matte Nude Palette
♥ Sleek Kohl Pencil Eyeliner
♥ NYX Black Label Lipstick Cancun Pink

You might have seen my "makeup for glasses" I posted a year ago. The tips are similar but this new video is more of a going out look instead.

For day to day wear check out this video - 

Love you all, Sinead x

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Britney Spears 2014 People’s Choice Awards

Britney Spears 2014 People’s Choice Awards

I'm a huge Britney Spears fan so I wanted to share her red carpet look from the People's Choice Awards. Brit won Favourite pop artist! Yay! She is totally the queen of pop I could imagine her not winning it.

But as this is Themakeupchair let talk makeup - For once I have nothing negative to say I think she's glowing, her skin looks flawless I guess Vegas life suits her, Her eyebrows are great, Usually her makeup artist "forgets" them and they look uneven and washed out but they looks great. She looks great!
I think she recently changed her makeup artist and he is doing a great job! 

If there was a movie about Britney's life Kaley Cuoco (Penny from TBBT) could totally play her!

Don't you think??? 
They are so similar! 

Kaley looks like a sweet little doll there doesn't she :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Perfect Foundation Tag

Perfect Foundation Tag 

So I changed "The Perfect Palette Tag" into 
"The Perfect Foundation Tag"

Try it yourself:

1. Best Packaging
2. Best Colour Pay-off 
3. Most Versatile (Build-able)
4. Best for Travelling
5. Biggest Regret
6. Best Colour Names
7. Least Used
8. Most Used, Most Loved. Desert Island

Love Sineady xx

I tag everyone &