Friday, September 9, 2011

Best Foundation Ever!!

I found it!! I found it!!!

Okay so for the longest time I have been looking for foundation that works in Natural lighting, Evening lighting, Artificial lighting, and the dreaded dread FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!

At last, after years (hmm yeah!) of searching I have found it!!

             The best     
                     ever found is
                             Drum Roll please......

Rimmel 16 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation!

Yes you have heard me right! This super cheap drugstore foundation has beaten high end and low end foundation!


 As you can see, the foundation doesn't change, no moon face in flash, not washed out in natural day light!


  1. yay! I'll have to try it out! What type of coverage does it have?

  2. I have lipstick from this series and is also ok :)

  3. i must try this! thanks for the reccomendation! :D

    maddie xx

  4. yeay this couldn't have came at a better time! I have a wedding on friday and I love my Revlon colourstay but in photos I look like a ghost face. Life saver xx

  5. I hate this foundation it just looks brutal on me !! It doesn't work well with my 187 either and leaves me patchy and weird looking... I hate hate hate it :( x x

  6. Imma have to try that too :) thnx!

  7. You are joking!! I was expecting you to reveal a higher end product, brilliant!!! I must try it!!:)

  8. you look awesome! I seriously love all of your tutorials!

  9. hmm, I'll have to try that foundation! I was watching one of your tutorials today and I couldn't help but notice that you actually look a lot like Mandy Moore. I don't know if anyone's told you that before, but i think you do :)
    great post, and lovely blog!

    xx, Kels

  10. I don't speack english very
    much but I will to taking you a com.. I want to know if you are still satified to this foundation? I live in Reunion Island and where I can found this foundation, please ?

  11. I love the consistency of this product but it isn't made light enough for me :( So upsetting!

    LOVE your blog, it's amazing.

    Great to see you're Irish like me too!

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  13. I love this, but I also use the Rimmel Perfection Match. It does great in all types of light and used with the stay matte powder and the 002 Primer (with the blue lid) it stays on well over 12 hours. I use this combo when I'm on movie/tv sets. Before I did a recent wedding I went out and tested some expensive brands for all different types of things...longevity, matte-ness, ease of application, photography masks...and I returned them all and went back to my standard. Guess it's stick with what you know works...

  14. that's grate, Recently I used to use Maybelline 24 effect foundation that was awesome, then I use L'Oreal, that is quite OK, I think I should try this one, thanks for review.

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