Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Body shop Lily Cole Collection

Lily Cole has recently collaborated with The Body Shop as she becomes the global ambassador for the brand. I was super excited to try this because Lily has such a light complexion I though Hey! finally makeup for us pale gals! :)

What I do like is that it doesn't just seem to be for the lighter skin tones but for a mixture! Take the lip and cheek tints - Comes in two shade; Sheer Pink (Pinch Me Pink) and Sheer Peach (Crazy for Coral) Both these shade would work on a variety of skin and if I ever came out with a makeup collection myself a peach and a pink blush would differently be a starting point. 

Crazy in Coral  €15  - Top bare lips. Bottom swatch.

*The large dome works perfectly for easy application on the cheek not so much for the lips. (A bit big)
*The colour is sheer and great for those "I don't wanna wear makeup but I do" days.
*Felt kind of greasy at the start and I worried about apply it on the cheek but it blended nicely perhaps not totally suitable for those with super oily skin though!
*I can see why this would be her favourite piece. On her skin I think this colour would be amazing but on darker skin I still think this would be awesome :)
*If you are a fan of multi-purpose then this product would be great option.

Liquid eyeliner in violet, €13.95
Once again pretty great pick - this purple liner is just the right tone to work on different skin types from very light to dark. Also purple is one of those shades that work on so many different eye colours! Good choice Lily!!

*Take a little time to set at first but once its sets it SET! 
*The felt tip is definitely easy to use!
*The colour has a slight metallic finish which is cute and fun!

Top left - Think Pink Bottom - Go Violet Top right - Live Lilac Bottom right - Tint it Pink 
Coolest thing is you can take the cudes out and move them around, at first I thought they were pigments but they are pressed! Just lovely love them!


Think Pink - Not sure why its called "Think Pink" its not very pink, more coppery shade but that's in a name. Anyway its super cute I love it prefect for green and brown eyes.

Live Lilac -This is the sheerest of the shade on my skin anyway, on darker skin it would probably show up more. As with all the shades its like silk to work with. 

Go Violet - Hmm...not sure about violet its a burgundy/aubergine shade but you know that's what she wanted to call it that's cool. This is my second favourite shade actually I LOVE it! Can't wait to do a smoky eye with it!!

Tint it Pink - Champagne with a hint of pink! This one is my favourite. Great highlight shade. Once again shimmy, silky and truly lovely to work with.

Check out what Lily has to say on this! :)

Check out how I used these products.

Sineady xx


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