Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Blush For Your Face Shapes 

Most people can apply blush to the apples of the cheeks (that's the bit that sticks out when you smile).
Applying blush to the apples does work for most face shapes but for some of us we need to adapt the application to suit our face shape.

Let's take a look....

Long/Thin Face 

Long faces are narrow so to create an oval we need to broaden the face. This can be done by applying blush to the apples and blending it out towards the ear. 

Careful not to blend upwards, we need to create an almost horizontal line across the face.

This technique will work on any face that wants to be broader.

Round/Square/Full Face

Round face shape or any face that is on the full side will want to use this type of application to lift the face. 

Don't apply the blush too close to the nose and sweep upwards, avoiding the apple of the cheeks as this can make the face fuller. 

By sweeping upward you create a lift that thins the face. 

Doing the "duck face" helps!

Heart/Inverted triangle/High Cheekbones

These shapes all have great cheekbones, for that reason you want to avoid applying blush too high and instead apply it slightly lower than the cheekbones.

You can apply a small amount on the apple and blend it out but remember to leave a gap at the cheekbones. 
If you want to see the howto video check it out here:


  1. what lipcolor are you wearing? looks fantaastic on you!

  2. thank you beautiful Sinead! This is super helpful! ❤

  3. I love your blog! So glad I found it! =)


  4. i have protruding cheek bone, but the apples of the cheek is sagging. leaving an indentation line across the cheek. How should i correct it?

  5. What eyeshadow were you using? It looks amazing on you!!

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