Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday Makeup Lessons

  • I've never had really good brows, when I was 12 I over plucked them and I kept plucking every second day for years, I hardly had any brows left!
  • Then I stopped and now I do it twice a month! 
  • This was how my brows used to look 

  • My new favourite brow kit:

  • E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie

Brow Powder Duo - Medium Ash/ Medium Brown

Check out my shaping video to help you create the right shape:

Wanna find a brow product that will work for you 
Check out this video:


  1. such nice brows! :) and pretty pretty eyes...

  2. Thank you so much ! I have such a hard time with my black eyebrows!

  3. Your brows look great! I never know how to pluck mine! Great tips.


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  5. Your brows is a perfection >_< so jealous
    chalwoo just post Prom Makeup Tips

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  7. Good job! Such nice brows and pretty !!! pretty eyes
    Makeup Lessons

  8. Why not buy a beauty magazine like Allure? It has lots of makeup tips and application techniques in it. A lot cheaper than hiring someone to show you how to put makeup on. It's not that hard and most of it is trial and error.
    Apply Eyeliner according to Eye shape

  9. You look so gorgeous!!! Thank you for the tips. It's helpful.

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