Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buying Foundation Online

So You Wanna Buy A Foundation Online 
But You Have No Idea What Shade To Pick????

Here is what I do....

Let's say I want to get the "NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation"
and I need to work out the right shade for me,

Step 1:
Look for Swatches online -

Here is a swatch of the NYX foundation in Sand Beige (Thanks to Nina's page)

Step 2:

Search for a foundation swatch you already use - 

Here is a swatch of an ELF foundation I already own, 
I use shade "Sand" 

Step 3:

Compare foundation swatches

You can see how the Elf "Sand" and NYX "Sand Beige" swatches are similar.



  1. Yes, google is our friend! :) Although it is easy for me: if I want to buy a foundation online then I just pick the lightest shade and pray that it will be light enough lol I'm always pale :/

    By the way I love your new foundation related videos, they are really useful! :)

    1. Lol yeah pretty much do the same, especially at the moment no time for fake tan I am super pale :)

    2. But what if you have never owned foundation and trying samples in stores are just no good? Its hard to find a foundation of my skin tone and for my skin type. I am a mid pale-yellow coloured asian but I have naturally oily skin and it is also easy for my skin to break out. Could you give me some advice?

  2. Great tips as always hunny :)

  3. I like this stunning Make up post

  4. Thank you so much. Your posts and videos are always so helpful. :)

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