Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Skin Problem FIXED!

Under Eye puffiness -
                           First thing in the morning, wet finger tips in cold water and dab softly over the puffiness. This will bring the "swelling" down.

The easiest way to hid redness on the face is to use yellow! A lot of people use green concealers or creams however the yellow works the best to counter act the redness. So if you suffer from high colouring or Rosacea try yellow primers or concealers. 

Acne/Spots/Blemishes -
This tricks works a treat and its HEAT well actually its steam, lightly steaming the face for 5 mins can bring the yucky horrible stuff in the skin to the surface and then all you have to do it to wash it away! Its that easy!!

Steaming also works on dry skin as it break down the flaky dead cells and make it easier to exfoliates.  

Dry Lips
This is a funny little tip that I was told about. To get rid of dry skin  lick your lips, then take some sugar and press it over the lips, rub your lips together, lick it off and viola smooth lips that taste yummy!  

(By the way licking your lips actually dries them out so try to avoid it!) 


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