Saturday, June 30, 2012

OOTD collab with Anna6Belle

How to style a maxi dress - Video on themakeupchair

 How I wear a maxi dress!

Primark Dress - €2 (On sale!!)

They don't have this one any more but the new ones are cute and are about €11 and they have pockets and I love that I think all dresses should have pockets :)

White cover up - €8 (I think)

                You can wear a normal lenght one too, but I think this works better with this style dress 

Primark Ring - €1

They have these is the same part of the shop there are a few there :)  



It was really really windy, and I had to take the shot between rain showers! 

~ Check out the youtube video ~

Friday, June 29, 2012

Elf Favourites

Its Friday!! This week I thought I might change it up a little instead of my favourite foundation or blush, this week I though I would do my favourite product with in a brand!

Here are some of my favourite ELF (Eyes Lips Face) product!

Here are just a few of my favourites I think I could be there all day naming all my favourites and I did leave a few things out that you ladies already know like the press powder, the HD powder, the mineral infused primer to name but a few :)

These are the ones that came into my head when I though of my favourites so here they are;

Keep your makeup in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold.

Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation.



Line, shade and contour your eyes with this ultra pigmented and crease less cream shadow.  

Mineral Infused Mascara creates fuller, healthier looking lashes.

tickled pink

Studio Blush

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish.

One extra thing!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Body shop Lily Cole Collection

Lily Cole has recently collaborated with The Body Shop as she becomes the global ambassador for the brand. I was super excited to try this because Lily has such a light complexion I though Hey! finally makeup for us pale gals! :)

What I do like is that it doesn't just seem to be for the lighter skin tones but for a mixture! Take the lip and cheek tints - Comes in two shade; Sheer Pink (Pinch Me Pink) and Sheer Peach (Crazy for Coral) Both these shade would work on a variety of skin and if I ever came out with a makeup collection myself a peach and a pink blush would differently be a starting point. 

Crazy in Coral  €15  - Top bare lips. Bottom swatch.

*The large dome works perfectly for easy application on the cheek not so much for the lips. (A bit big)
*The colour is sheer and great for those "I don't wanna wear makeup but I do" days.
*Felt kind of greasy at the start and I worried about apply it on the cheek but it blended nicely perhaps not totally suitable for those with super oily skin though!
*I can see why this would be her favourite piece. On her skin I think this colour would be amazing but on darker skin I still think this would be awesome :)
*If you are a fan of multi-purpose then this product would be great option.

Liquid eyeliner in violet, €13.95
Once again pretty great pick - this purple liner is just the right tone to work on different skin types from very light to dark. Also purple is one of those shades that work on so many different eye colours! Good choice Lily!!

*Take a little time to set at first but once its sets it SET! 
*The felt tip is definitely easy to use!
*The colour has a slight metallic finish which is cute and fun!

Top left - Think Pink Bottom - Go Violet Top right - Live Lilac Bottom right - Tint it Pink 
Coolest thing is you can take the cudes out and move them around, at first I thought they were pigments but they are pressed! Just lovely love them!


Think Pink - Not sure why its called "Think Pink" its not very pink, more coppery shade but that's in a name. Anyway its super cute I love it prefect for green and brown eyes.

Live Lilac -This is the sheerest of the shade on my skin anyway, on darker skin it would probably show up more. As with all the shades its like silk to work with. 

Go Violet - Hmm...not sure about violet its a burgundy/aubergine shade but you know that's what she wanted to call it that's cool. This is my second favourite shade actually I LOVE it! Can't wait to do a smoky eye with it!!

Tint it Pink - Champagne with a hint of pink! This one is my favourite. Great highlight shade. Once again shimmy, silky and truly lovely to work with.

Check out what Lily has to say on this! :)

Check out how I used these products.

Sineady xx

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mummy Makeup

~   On      ~

So my mum was free and I though "hey lets do your makeup yay!" So I created this kind special look. If you want a more natural look let me know. We might have a haul video coming soon too!

What I use:

L'Oréal Studio Secrets Primer (My mum love this and the Gosh primer too)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51/53 

Luminess air bare necessities
L'Oreal True Match Concealer Vanilla

Essence Clear Mascara
Essence Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
Elf Eye Lash Curler
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - Black (Got a little sample its super cute)
Essence Eyeliner Pencil - Black
Art Deco Silky Loose powder
Sleek Contour Kit Light
Elf Tickled Pink 
Revlon Peach Petal
(She stole this from my makeup collection, I found it in her bag one day, oh well it suits her)

Sineady x

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New BlankCanvasCosmetics Pro Brushes Review

Ship Worldwide 
The full set contains: 15 Pro Deluxe brushes: 7 x face brushes, 7 x eye brushes (1 double ended) and 1 x Lip brush.
Free shipping


F14 Small Contour/Blush brush €11
This brush works with everything pretty much – Foundation application, Blending, contouring/highlighting. I find it works best with powders and I love it for applying blush but it works best with powders.
I love the shape of this brush its lovely to work with!

F15 Small Tapered €11

This brush is awesome!! Think of it like a tapered blending brush you’ve use on your eyes but bigger so it can be used on the face. Awesome for getting that Kim K contoured look! I love it!! 

Available in two colours – Red/Black

F16 Large Tapered €16
This is the older sister of the small tapered brush, this brush it a larger fuller brush. The tapered tip works like the small tapered brush but the fullness then blends it out to create softer contours. 

F17 Pointed Tip Concealer €6
This flat brush with its synthetic bristles works like a brush for applying concealer. You won’t waste any product as it doesn’t absorb the concealer so you get the coverage you want right where you want it.

F18 Short Duo Fibre €12
This brush is so cute! Think of your typical duo fibre but then pop it in a shrink machine and you get this! It’s tiny but still big enough to use on the face. Work with EVERYTHING!! I use for foundation (though it does take longer you get a great finish) works great with concealer and even face/eye primer BUT WAIT there’s more, works awesome with cream blush, highlighter and even mineral powder product! All that from one brush, I know right AWESOME! 

F19 Dome Foundation Brush €12
Okay take a typical flat foundation brush and make it a million times better and you get this brush! Yay! It’s a dome shaped synthetic which works for pretty much everything.

F20 Flat Top Kabuki €20

If you follow my video that I don’t really need to tell you much about how much I love this brush. I have a full tutorial using it works for applying – moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, contour. Everything your little heart desires! It a serious favourite of mine!


E23 Short Pencil €6
This is a pretty typical pencil brush but what I love about this is that is not too long or short and not rigid or flimsy just right! 

E24 Blending Brush €6

If you are looking to only buy one eye brush then this is the ONE! It applies and blend just everything! 

E25 Tapered Blending Brush €6
One of my favourites and one that I reach for everyday. Prefect for blending out edges and smooth harsh shadow line. Also awesome for using with concealer

E26 Flat Shader Brush €6
This brush might look very familiar to MAC lovers it sooo like the 239 which is the only MAC brush that I would use over and over again forget the high €24 price no this baby is €6!

E27 Cute Mini Shader €6
This is a little baby brush! Its tiny I love it. Works great for applying shadow under the eye or right in that inner corner.

E28 Ultra Fine Liner
Perfect for precise application of cream/gel/ liquid liner!  Not too long not to short -smooth finish!

E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie
I use this every day! Even if I am not wearing makeup I always do my brows. The angle applies shadow and cream to fill in the brows and the spoolie brushes them in place!
Last but not least the lips!

L29 Lip Brush
Cute shape for that perfect finish!! Love!

I have to say you can really tell that theses are PRO brushes, so much work as gone into creating this and it really shows! I think these brushes could be the next big thing especially for those of us living in Europe as its an Irish based company.

If you would like to order these (and I am sure you will) you can get them at:

Discount code – SINEAD 10% OFF