Thursday, May 9, 2013


If I was truly honest with myself I would want to 
look less like me and more like that!

I want:
A smaller nose
A thinner face
A shorter forehead
Large lips
Biggers eyes
Darker skin
Thicker hair
and that's just my face don't get me started on my body!!

I have no idea why I feel the need to change the things I do,
Why don't I want smaller eyes or thinner lips, Who knows!

We all see beauty differently, We all think different things are beautiful but it doesn't matter what we think is beautiful as long as we look in the mirror and find beauty in ourselves.

Sure I would want to look like that, But I look like me and that's okay too.

Remember to find beauty in yourself, 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benefit Fake up Review

Cake up Fake up!!

Flakey Skin? Dry Patches? Dehydrated Lines?

Stop your makeup caking up
Start using fake up by Benefit!

A creamy concealer with a ring of vitamin E & 
Apple seed extract moisturizer - Covers and hydrates!

With it Available in three shades - 01 Light  02 Medium  03 Dark

Many uses:

Under Eyes - Doesn't set in fine line.
Dry Patches - Blend in the direction of the flakes to help them disappear.
Smile Lines - Rehydrate caked up facial lines.
Lips - Blur lip lines and pigment without drying out the skin.

Want to learn more check out my video - Coming soon...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Nail!

I like to start with a light sheer colour on my nails to begin with 
and I love Oxygen By China Glaze.
I apply a really light sheer coat before I apply my colour.

Two of my favourite colours at the moment - 

               "Rose Libertine" By Rimmel                         "How do you lilac it" By Rimmel 

As much as I love these shade  I ♡ them even more 
When I apply Innocence by China Glaze 
over the top! 

Which got me thinking, do you layer your polishes to create your own unique shade?? 
and if you had

to give your shade a name what would you call it??