Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Makeup Life!

Trip To America! 
Week in Pictures

So my brother and me headed to America for Thanksgiving! 
I love thanksgiving, its all the best parts of Christmas without the stress of buying presents
 - Food, Family and fun!

Me and my brother Michael

We landed into Boston Airport after a 7 hour flight from Shannon. The flight was so smooth, but my vegetarian meal was not nice at all - plain rice and steamed vegetables, everyone else got chocolate cookie, but I got a fruit salad I love cookies! :( what happened there!  

I love Massachusetts, I have to live there at some stage in my life!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


So we headed to the mall, my brother totally embarrassed me by playing my video on one of the laptops, I did take the picture but very quickly walked away embarrassed! Love to get a Mac, one day I will I guess. 

Hey has anyone else noticed MAC and Mac are both very expensive and best in their own niche? No just me?? 

I didn't go into M.A.C. (we have it in Ireland) I did go to.....

As you can see I was pretty happy about it! lol


       I spent most of my money in there to be honest, they have such lovely stuff in there and then as you go to pay and you are in the queue they have loads half sizes very very tempting!! I gave in!

 I will hopefully film a haul and upload it tomorrow before I am off to England on Saturday, I dunno why I planned it like this its crazy!

Hope you all had a great week!

Sineady xx

Monday, November 19, 2012

Glossy Box

Glossy Box Goodies!

So I haven't done a glossy box review in awhile, but I am super happy with the November box because I am heading to America on a long haul flight and I have to admit glossy box pick prefect goodies for me! (Not that they realise that though! ha)

WEI - White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad

It's well know that some gurus like to do masks on long flight, I have never tried it but I really wanna give it ago this time and I think this will be a great option!

Dr. Jart+ - Water Fuse Beauty Balm

BB creams are prefect for long flight, they give you a little coverage for those of you with uneven skin while hydrating and treating the skin!!
I own two by Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water Fuse BB Cream
and Gold Label Premium BB Cream.

I plan on wear the water fuse BB cream while I fly as the cabin air is super drying on the skin!
The only thing I am not sure of is the one shade fits all.....Don't agree!

Alison Claire - Mango Body Butter

I adore body butter and this is awesome, smells amazing!! Great alternative to a perfume which can be kindof drying on the skin, this smells great and feels great!

Now I didn't get this large tub I got a sample but as I packed my camera already I could take a picture! Sorry!

Nail inc. 

I have owned one other polish by Nail Inc. I have Piccadilly Circus - and now 
- Porchester Square

I love these two shades, like my favourite colours! 

Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant

Another great travel product, Its a powder so no trouble with liquids in security! Yes!
Wet your hands and face and shake out some powder and create a paste. It goes a little milky and creamy and breaks down make-up while lightly exfoilating! Feels amazing! 

Right I am off to finish packing, see you all very soon!

Sineady xx


Would you be willing to look funny on the plane for the sake of great skin? 
Let me know!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Makeup Challenge

Benefit Blogger Challenge

So I entered the Benefit Blogger Challenge, you had to teach a male to apply makeup on you (such an cool idea) and it has an awesome prize! 
(More about that if we get into the second round)

Seeing as my boyfriend is camera shy (and in London) I only had my dad left to ask. I must admits that asking my ex professional rugby player father to do my makeup seemed crazy but my dad knows how much I really want this and so he put his all into it!

Here was me before we started! 
No makeup! 
Oh and my skin that has been pretty good decides to break out the day before which I worried might make it even harder for my  poor dad.

But no, my dad actually took on the information so well and managed to follow my instructions like a pro. 

By the end of it I looked in the mirror and it looked just like I had done it myself! 

        Yay go daddy!

We are in the final for the Benefit Challenge, please vote for us! Pretty Please!! 

Just click on the drop down menu and pick themakeupchair :)

What we used:
Benefit - Best at everything kit in light!
I think "everything" gives it away but for those of you who haven't seen it, it has primer, foundation, concealer and powder. - Contour palette
Collection 2000 Pink Cloud blush
NYC brown eye palette
Maybelline smokey shadow pencil - Black
Benefit "They're real" mascara
Rimmel Pink blush lipstick

Check out the video here! 

A BIG thank you to my daddy for being a great sport and doing this huge favour for me, I know Jonathan was happy it was you and not him lol

See you all again soon,
Sineady xx

Friday, October 26, 2012

Favourite Drugstore Dupes!

Favourite Dupes!

Find the brushes here:
Use the Code SINEAD for a discount!

MAC Viva Glam Gaga VS Rimmel Pink Blush

Rimmel Nude Delight VS Nyx Pumpkin Pie

My all time favourite! 

MAC loud and lovely 
(the awesome) NYC Fashion ave Fuchsia

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank you!


So the other night I get a tweet from Fiona - 

I was like win? and why #blogfestirl? I knew the Blog awards were happening but I thought there must have been a mix up maybe Fiona meant well done on the nomination. I didn't think it would be possible to actually WIN! 

So I searched for other #blogfestirl on twitter and found this:

Still it took a long long time to actually except that I had won, actually I still can't believe it! ha I didn't even want to blog or talk about it too much in case it was a mistake. I just want to say a huge HUGE thank you to all of you who voted me in for the chance to be judged, Means the whole to me, it really does. Only my close friends and family will know that I have been having a tough time lately in my personally life, my panic attacks are becoming more frequent, I don't sleep much and some times I can't bring myself to leave the house. Now I'm not saying that winning this has made all that go away (that's gonna take time) but it has helped to push me and has giving me some time to hold on to for the bad day. 

Here is my little badge that I wear with pride!!!
(I mean on my blog of course, I didn't print it out and walk around the place with it pinned to my top or anything...I swear) ;)

blog awards ireland

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Makeup Lessons

Contouring & Highlighting 

Ever wanted a thinner face, or maybe you just want your face to be more balanced - Then this is for you!

They are millions of youtube video about contouring and highlight. I have watched most of them due to my love for it but I found most of them really difficult to follow. So when I created this video I kept that in-mind I wanted to make it easy to follow and works for all face shapes! 

and for you mature ladies...

When my mum watched my first contour video she ask if I would be creating one for mature skin, which I said course I would as long as she was my model for it! Thanks mommy! 

There are some changes you would make if you have older skin and I hope that all clear in the video:

Our face shape theme is almost coming to an end. Let me know what you would like to see next!

Sineady xx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Blush For Your Face Shapes 

Most people can apply blush to the apples of the cheeks (that's the bit that sticks out when you smile).
Applying blush to the apples does work for most face shapes but for some of us we need to adapt the application to suit our face shape.

Let's take a look....

Long/Thin Face 

Long faces are narrow so to create an oval we need to broaden the face. This can be done by applying blush to the apples and blending it out towards the ear. 

Careful not to blend upwards, we need to create an almost horizontal line across the face.

This technique will work on any face that wants to be broader.

Round/Square/Full Face

Round face shape or any face that is on the full side will want to use this type of application to lift the face. 

Don't apply the blush too close to the nose and sweep upwards, avoiding the apple of the cheeks as this can make the face fuller. 

By sweeping upward you create a lift that thins the face. 

Doing the "duck face" helps!

Heart/Inverted triangle/High Cheekbones

These shapes all have great cheekbones, for that reason you want to avoid applying blush too high and instead apply it slightly lower than the cheekbones.

You can apply a small amount on the apple and blend it out but remember to leave a gap at the cheekbones. 
If you want to see the howto video check it out here:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair styles for your faceshape!

Hair Style for your face!

Okay so we went through all the face shapes, now let's talk about hair!
As a make-up artist I am not an expert in hair, but I do have a few tips and trick that might help!

Oval Face Shape:

- Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin. 
- Balanced, narrow face.

Ovals can carry off any hairstyle they want, from long to super short!
Nothing can look really bad, so its all personal preference and working with your hair type. 

Here is an example of an oval and the many different styles, its up to you which you like the most.
I have to say I like the hair tied up or with long layer as it shows off the lovely shape.

If you are oval, enjoy it! Experiment and have fun!

Other stars to look out for - Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox

Round Face Shape:

Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.
- Width across the cheeks same as the length from forehead to chin. 

Round faces are full, the eye see the width more then the length, for this reason you need a hair styles then will lengthen the face, like the one in the middle here - Straight and long.  If you want curls make sure the curls are working away from the face so as not to add width. 
Styles to try - 

Styles to avoid -

Mid length or short hair can be tricky to pull off, compare the upper left and the lower left. The wrong length can be made especially worse if you add curls from the eye line down; this only adds to an already full face. Unlike the oval, pulling back the hair will not be very forgiving!

Other rounds: Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Renee Zellweger.


- Round or square forehead, tapers to the chin.
- Much longer then it is wide.

This is the opposite to the round shape! 
You need to add bulk to the side of the face. Straighter brows and thicker/fuller hair will give a long shape a more oval appearance. Short hair is always an option as it will shorten the face but if you want to have long hair make sure its has a slight wave or curl to add fullness. Fringes can also be great to shorten a long face.

Styles to try: 


Looks to avoid:

Straight long hair only makes the face appear longer and drag it down while sleek pulled back hair also has the same effect and there isn't much I need to say about the last picture of Sarah, though the curls are adding bulk, the flatness at the top doesn't give the right effect.

Volume is always best - as long as its in the right place! 

       Right  :)                 Wrong!

- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Full Cheeks
- Almost as wide as it is long.

As square can some times appear round, you can almost follow the same style. You don't want to add bulk to the sides of the face; so longer straighter hair works well. Long layer with slight waves can also be useful to soften the edges.

Jessica's best friend is a hair dresser so she hardly EVER gets it wrong, so if you are looking for some hairspiration look no further then Jess!

Others: Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Holmes.


- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Longer then it is wide.

This long square shape is pretty much like the long face shape, but with the angles of the square is easier to get away with, similarly to the oval and because it is longer it doesn't have the fullness to counteract like that of the square. Therefore its sortof like the oval so its very much personal preference.

Heart/Inverted Triangle 
- Rounded or squared off forehead 
- sharply tapered chins.
Heart and inverted triangle are very similar. The forehead is the only difference.

Style options:

Make sure the bangs aren't too short, longer piecer bangs are better then blunt and short. Make sure your hair dresser cut the bangs when they are dry so they don't jump up shorter when you dry them. Side bangs flatter the forehead and soft the jawline.

The right length gives the face a smoother oval appearance. Off centre parting opens up the face and bring attention to the cheeks bones, while a centre parting will cause the face to appear longer then it is. 

Diamond Face Shape

- Narrow forehead and jaw 
- fullest at cheekbones.

Diamond shapes have amazing cheekbones. All hair styles should be about bringing attention to the gorgeous cheekbones. As you can see on the left the flat lifeless hair doesn't work to bring attention to the cheekbone unlike the one of the right.  

Pear Face Shape:
- Narrow Forehead 
- Widest at the jaw line.

This shape is unusual and rare. Its all about balancing the narrow forehead and the wide jaw. Bangs are the easiest way to achieve this. Off centre partings also work. Once you balance the forehead with the jawline then you only need to follow a hairstyle to suit a square face and what have we already learnt about square shape - we want to soften and lengthen it.   

Check out my face shape video on youtube!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Find your face shape quiz!

Determining your face shape can be hard!

This quiz will help you fit into one of three categories: 
Round, Square or Angular

Tie your hair back from your face.
Place mirror in front of you.

Take a picture of yourself with your hair back.

Looking into the mirror or at a photograph answer these question

What best describes your forehead?

A Square
B Narrow
C Round

What best described your jawline and chin?

A Square
B Pointed
C Full or Round

Describe the width of your face?

A Wide
B Average
C Narrow

Look closely at your face - 

What do you see the most?

A. Angles 
B. Sharp edges
C. Smooth round curves 

Find the matching group and read through the statements.

Rounder Shape: Mostly C

You are part of the round smooth family. Now to work out which one you are:

Oval - Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin.

Round - Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.

Long/Oblong - Round forehead, tapers to chin. 

       Round                                    Oval                                        Long

Square Shape: Most A

Hip to be square! Your square forehead and jaw give you away.

Square - Square forehead and jaw, Full Cheeks, almost as wide as it is long.

Rectangle - Square forehead and jaw, longer then it is wide.

       Square                                                          Rectangle 

Angular Shape: Mostly B

These shapes come in different forms but one thing they have in common are angles!

Heart -  Rounded forehead and sharply tapered chins.

Inverted Triangle - Square Forehead and sharply tapered chin.

(These are the same shape with slightly different foreheads)

Diamond - Narrow forehead and jaw with fuller cheekbones.

Pear - Narrow Forehead and widest at the jaw line.

        Heart                                                                   Inverted Triangle                
             Diamond                                                              Pear