Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Blush For Your Face Shapes 

Most people can apply blush to the apples of the cheeks (that's the bit that sticks out when you smile).
Applying blush to the apples does work for most face shapes but for some of us we need to adapt the application to suit our face shape.

Let's take a look....

Long/Thin Face 

Long faces are narrow so to create an oval we need to broaden the face. This can be done by applying blush to the apples and blending it out towards the ear. 

Careful not to blend upwards, we need to create an almost horizontal line across the face.

This technique will work on any face that wants to be broader.

Round/Square/Full Face

Round face shape or any face that is on the full side will want to use this type of application to lift the face. 

Don't apply the blush too close to the nose and sweep upwards, avoiding the apple of the cheeks as this can make the face fuller. 

By sweeping upward you create a lift that thins the face. 

Doing the "duck face" helps!

Heart/Inverted triangle/High Cheekbones

These shapes all have great cheekbones, for that reason you want to avoid applying blush too high and instead apply it slightly lower than the cheekbones.

You can apply a small amount on the apple and blend it out but remember to leave a gap at the cheekbones. 
If you want to see the howto video check it out here:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair styles for your faceshape!

Hair Style for your face!

Okay so we went through all the face shapes, now let's talk about hair!
As a make-up artist I am not an expert in hair, but I do have a few tips and trick that might help!

Oval Face Shape:

- Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin. 
- Balanced, narrow face.

Ovals can carry off any hairstyle they want, from long to super short!
Nothing can look really bad, so its all personal preference and working with your hair type. 

Here is an example of an oval and the many different styles, its up to you which you like the most.
I have to say I like the hair tied up or with long layer as it shows off the lovely shape.

If you are oval, enjoy it! Experiment and have fun!

Other stars to look out for - Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox

Round Face Shape:

Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.
- Width across the cheeks same as the length from forehead to chin. 

Round faces are full, the eye see the width more then the length, for this reason you need a hair styles then will lengthen the face, like the one in the middle here - Straight and long.  If you want curls make sure the curls are working away from the face so as not to add width. 
Styles to try - 

Styles to avoid -

Mid length or short hair can be tricky to pull off, compare the upper left and the lower left. The wrong length can be made especially worse if you add curls from the eye line down; this only adds to an already full face. Unlike the oval, pulling back the hair will not be very forgiving!

Other rounds: Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Renee Zellweger.


- Round or square forehead, tapers to the chin.
- Much longer then it is wide.

This is the opposite to the round shape! 
You need to add bulk to the side of the face. Straighter brows and thicker/fuller hair will give a long shape a more oval appearance. Short hair is always an option as it will shorten the face but if you want to have long hair make sure its has a slight wave or curl to add fullness. Fringes can also be great to shorten a long face.

Styles to try: 


Looks to avoid:

Straight long hair only makes the face appear longer and drag it down while sleek pulled back hair also has the same effect and there isn't much I need to say about the last picture of Sarah, though the curls are adding bulk, the flatness at the top doesn't give the right effect.

Volume is always best - as long as its in the right place! 

       Right  :)                 Wrong!

- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Full Cheeks
- Almost as wide as it is long.

As square can some times appear round, you can almost follow the same style. You don't want to add bulk to the sides of the face; so longer straighter hair works well. Long layer with slight waves can also be useful to soften the edges.

Jessica's best friend is a hair dresser so she hardly EVER gets it wrong, so if you are looking for some hairspiration look no further then Jess!

Others: Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Holmes.


- Square forehead and jawline. 
- Longer then it is wide.

This long square shape is pretty much like the long face shape, but with the angles of the square is easier to get away with, similarly to the oval and because it is longer it doesn't have the fullness to counteract like that of the square. Therefore its sortof like the oval so its very much personal preference.

Heart/Inverted Triangle 
- Rounded or squared off forehead 
- sharply tapered chins.
Heart and inverted triangle are very similar. The forehead is the only difference.

Style options:

Make sure the bangs aren't too short, longer piecer bangs are better then blunt and short. Make sure your hair dresser cut the bangs when they are dry so they don't jump up shorter when you dry them. Side bangs flatter the forehead and soft the jawline.

The right length gives the face a smoother oval appearance. Off centre parting opens up the face and bring attention to the cheeks bones, while a centre parting will cause the face to appear longer then it is. 

Diamond Face Shape

- Narrow forehead and jaw 
- fullest at cheekbones.

Diamond shapes have amazing cheekbones. All hair styles should be about bringing attention to the gorgeous cheekbones. As you can see on the left the flat lifeless hair doesn't work to bring attention to the cheekbone unlike the one of the right.  

Pear Face Shape:
- Narrow Forehead 
- Widest at the jaw line.

This shape is unusual and rare. Its all about balancing the narrow forehead and the wide jaw. Bangs are the easiest way to achieve this. Off centre partings also work. Once you balance the forehead with the jawline then you only need to follow a hairstyle to suit a square face and what have we already learnt about square shape - we want to soften and lengthen it.   

Check out my face shape video on youtube!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Find your face shape quiz!

Determining your face shape can be hard!

This quiz will help you fit into one of three categories: 
Round, Square or Angular

Tie your hair back from your face.
Place mirror in front of you.

Take a picture of yourself with your hair back.

Looking into the mirror or at a photograph answer these question

What best describes your forehead?

A Square
B Narrow
C Round

What best described your jawline and chin?

A Square
B Pointed
C Full or Round

Describe the width of your face?

A Wide
B Average
C Narrow

Look closely at your face - 

What do you see the most?

A. Angles 
B. Sharp edges
C. Smooth round curves 

Find the matching group and read through the statements.

Rounder Shape: Mostly C

You are part of the round smooth family. Now to work out which one you are:

Oval - Round forehead, Tapering cheeks and chin.

Round - Round forehead, Full Cheeks and smooth round jawline.

Long/Oblong - Round forehead, tapers to chin. 

       Round                                    Oval                                        Long

Square Shape: Most A

Hip to be square! Your square forehead and jaw give you away.

Square - Square forehead and jaw, Full Cheeks, almost as wide as it is long.

Rectangle - Square forehead and jaw, longer then it is wide.

       Square                                                          Rectangle 

Angular Shape: Mostly B

These shapes come in different forms but one thing they have in common are angles!

Heart -  Rounded forehead and sharply tapered chins.

Inverted Triangle - Square Forehead and sharply tapered chin.

(These are the same shape with slightly different foreheads)

Diamond - Narrow forehead and jaw with fuller cheekbones.

Pear - Narrow Forehead and widest at the jaw line.

        Heart                                                                   Inverted Triangle                
             Diamond                                                              Pear  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Face Shape!

What's your face shape?!

Let's look at the most common face shapes...


Oval Faces are known for their symmetrical balanced features because of this oval (or egg shape) has became the most sort after shape.
Anything goes when you have an oval face, any hair style, and makeup trend. As the shape is so close to "perfect" you can then focus on any other feature you don't like such as a large nose, high foreheads whatever it might be and focus on hiding it if you wish.
From a makeup artist point of view oval faces can be a little "boring" only because there isn't much you need to change its already pretty much done!

Other examples Emma Watson, Jessica Alba.


The easiest way to describe a round face is take a oval and pull it outwards. The face is the same full across as its length is down. People mistake round face shape as fat but that's not true, even thin people can have round faces. In fact round is one of the best to have as you age because you will always look young and youthful.

 As you can see here on Kirsten Dunst - her cheeks are the same fullness from her round forehead to her jawline creating an almost prefect circle.

Other rounds: Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Renee Zellweger.

Most children and teens will have round or oval faces as their features have not developed yet. Doesn't mean you will always have it. 


Oblong/Long face shape is so similar that I just added them in the same categories. The main difference between Oblong and Long is the curved at the forehead and jawline, long has a rounder shape while oblong is slightly square. 

Both shapes are elongated ovals, just take an oval and make it longer then it is wide. 

Similar to the mistake of "round faces being fat" you don't have to be tall to have a long face. 

Others long/oblong: Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Dion and Jennifer Aniston.


The easiest way to tell if someone has a square shape is look at their forehead and jawline. The forehead is flat on top and squares off, the chin is flat and square upwards at the jaw. Creating a square! Also keep in mind that the cheeks are also flat and some times on the full shade with the same wide the whole way down, For this reason a squares can easily look round but the forehead will always give it away.

Jessica's best friend is a hairdresser, so it's hard to find a picture where her square shape is notable, he covered it for her quiet well, She's the prefect person to at for hair inspiration on square faces. 

Others: Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Holmes.


Remember how I explained that a long face is an oval elongated, well a rectangle is square elongated. 

While a square is pretty much as long as it is wide, a rectangle is longer then it is wide but still the forehead is flat on top and squares off, the chin is flat and square upwards at the jaw. (Just like a square)

Rectangle and square is kind of the new oval, with designer and make-up artist looking the looks that squarer shapes can carry. 

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped face and inverted triangles are also very similar (As is long and oblong) and they get mixed up a lot.  
The main characteristics of a heart shaped face is a pixie like tapered jaw and a rounded forehead creating a heart shape. 
They can also have a widows peek but most a rounded forehead is what sets is apart from an inverted triangle.
Miss Jennifer is a prefect example of a heart with her round forehead, tapered jaw and long chin create a cute heart shape.

Kindof love that Jennifer Love Hewitt has a heart shaped face :)

Inverted Triangle 

Inverted triangle is a shape that was just added in for the fun of it, to be honest anyone with an inverted triangle would fit into a heart shaped category but the one main difference is the forehead. Its flat and square.

Both Reese (side) and Jennifer (above) have the same jaw and chin shape but the forehead is different. The same style are suitable for both really, so if you struggle to find information on inverted triangle then heart will do just fine. 


Triangle or pear shaped face is much fuller at the jawline then the forehead. This of a pear!
Its an unusual shape and minnie Driver was the only one I could think of as an example.

The jaw line is like a square - full and wide 
while the forehead is similar to an oval - slender and tapered. 

Bangs are a pears best friend and its the only sure way to balance the face. 


Another unusually shape and often mistaken for oval. Diamond is fullest at the cheeks and tapered above and below. Creating a diamond shape.

The fullest can be across the cheeks or across the cheekbone, high or low its still a diamond shape. 

The jaw can be similar to an oval, heart or square while the forehead is similar to a pear. 

I do have a video on the way too - Subscribe to my youtube channel for updates

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last Look of Week!

Selena Gomez

Selena style is very natural, she likes to play up the eyes and keep the face glow and sheer and how not because her skin is beautiful. Her typical type is light shimmer/matte on the lid and dark on the outer edge. She has a small lid to work with but its a prefect shape.

Thanks for requesting it ladies! I loved creating this look!

Products in order of use: 
Benefit Professional Primer (Sample)

LOreal True Match W1 (The lightest yellow tone the have)

Airbrush Blenders sponge http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/products/airbrush-blender-sponge-pink-colour.html

"Watch my howto video"

Clinique loose powder (make sure to apply a good layer)
Applied with - F14 Small contour Brush http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/products/f14-small-contour.html

Essence Gel Mascara
Rimmel Black/Brown brow pencil
Sephora Pearl Beige pencil
Kiko Cream Shadow 03

MUG ShimmaShimma - http://www.makeupgeek.com/

Maybelline one by one Mascara

Elf Tickles Pink Blush 

Kiko Cream shadow 06 - Lips
Stay with me gloss - my favourite milkshake

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrity Week: Day Four!

Kendall Jenner

Finally all three looks are done!

Most of you guessed it right it was Kendall!

I love the softness of this look and how it was more about the over all look not just the eyes.
Lips and blush were key to creating this look!

What I used:
Bourjois Healthy Mix
http://blankcanvascosmetics.com/ Blush Palette and shadow
LOreal Super Liner
Elf Eye Lash curler
Benefit they're real mascara
Sweetpea&Fay Mermaid Kiss Lipstick

Celebrity Week: Day Three

Taylor Swift

Wow its day three already! Today I am (trying) to create a Taylor Swift look! Part of me thinks I need to get some contacts for next time because the looks would look so much better with the right eye colour! Anyway....

This Taylor Swift look is all about elongating the eyes. Its a cat eye technique which draws the eyes outward and upwards!

I must apologise for the lighting, it was a stormy dull day! Got to order some lighting system to be ready for the winter :)

What I used:

Cream Black Shadow (its new by BlankCanvasCosmetics but it hasn't come out yet)

Navy, Black & Cream eyeshadow by Sleek Bohemian palette

008 Angled Shadow Brush
Blending Brush
Pencil Brush
Use SINEAD at checkout for special discount.

Shimmer Grey & Shimmer Cream By Sleek Storm palette
Rimmel Pencil Liner
Essence Felt Tip
Benefit Mascara they're real

Rimmel 03 Kate Moss Lipstick
Contour palette blush - http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com
Use SINEAD at checkout for special discount.

I use AVS to edit my videos by the way!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrity Week: Day Two

Demi Lovato! 

I love Demi! She's a singer/actress/role model

I knew starting the week I wanted to do create a Demi look because I think her makeup is prefect and fun! So here are the two looks I picked. The make-up is actually very similar with only small differences.  

Maybelline Superstay Ivory
L'Oreal True Match Shade W1
Collection 2000 Concealer Light

Eye lash curler

Use the code SINEAD at checkout!

ShimmaShimma MUG

Lips tar Complex
Catrice Limited edition Lipgloss

Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrity Week!!

It's Celebrity Week On Themakeupchair!! 

             Every day this week I will be uploading a new
                        "Get the "insert celebrity name" look - Makeup tutoiral
                                        I am so excited for this week!

So many of you voted and I can now share with you the first look will be!
Mila Kunis!! 

This Simple tutorial will show you (hopefully) how to create a causal day makeup look similar to those seen on Mila!

I hope you enjoy!

What I use to create this look:

Benefit Primer (Got a tiny sample)
Elf Eye Primer http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/ (Yes the ship to Ireland)

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Shade 71
LOreal True Match Shade W1
Bourjois Healthy mix Concealer Shade 51

Graftobian Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

F23 - Foundation
F15 - Powder & Bronzer
010 BC Small Blending Brush - Eye shadow
E27 - Tiny baby blender
Use the code SINEAD at checkout!

So Today's look is inspired by Mila Kunis but can you guess the other stars?