Friday, November 9, 2012

Makeup Challenge

Benefit Blogger Challenge

So I entered the Benefit Blogger Challenge, you had to teach a male to apply makeup on you (such an cool idea) and it has an awesome prize! 
(More about that if we get into the second round)

Seeing as my boyfriend is camera shy (and in London) I only had my dad left to ask. I must admits that asking my ex professional rugby player father to do my makeup seemed crazy but my dad knows how much I really want this and so he put his all into it!

Here was me before we started! 
No makeup! 
Oh and my skin that has been pretty good decides to break out the day before which I worried might make it even harder for my  poor dad.

But no, my dad actually took on the information so well and managed to follow my instructions like a pro. 

By the end of it I looked in the mirror and it looked just like I had done it myself! 

        Yay go daddy!

We are in the final for the Benefit Challenge, please vote for us! Pretty Please!! 

Just click on the drop down menu and pick themakeupchair :)

What we used:
Benefit - Best at everything kit in light!
I think "everything" gives it away but for those of you who haven't seen it, it has primer, foundation, concealer and powder. - Contour palette
Collection 2000 Pink Cloud blush
NYC brown eye palette
Maybelline smokey shadow pencil - Black
Benefit "They're real" mascara
Rimmel Pink blush lipstick

Check out the video here! 

A BIG thank you to my daddy for being a great sport and doing this huge favour for me, I know Jonathan was happy it was you and not him lol

See you all again soon,
Sineady xx


  1. awww he did so well! Well done to him! :D xx

  2. oh jess this is a great challenge....Dad did a super job!

  3. What lipgloss did you use?:) xx

  4. really like ur blog would u like follow each other?

  5. I love your look and its so cute that your dad did it Please follow me and everybody else do to! I will follow your blogs too!

  6. I wanted to make a suggestion :D I think the makeup placement isn't the best for you. I madeup your photo on Paint (yeah I know paint!) and blended shadow diagonally up, as well as applied eyeliner from the inner corner, in a lifting motion, no shadow underneath. Of course I put blush. Check it out! Its in photobucket. The liner should be thinner towards the nose :( but Its hard to do in paint. <3