Saturday, February 25, 2012

OOTD - Date Night!

Hi there ladies!

So if you follow my video you may have seen this outfit before or at least some thing similar, but I've never done a blog post about it so hey though I would!

I wore this to Google Offices in Dublin last years and a good few times because I love how wearable it is but still has a touch of style!

It was date night (of sorts) and we headed to Gino for dinner, I just wanted some thing casual really, I don't like "fuss" when it comes to outfits. 

So I started with Blank Jegging (New Look - Super Skinny)

I prefer Jegging (Jean leggings) rather then just Leggings because I don't have the most "toned" legs 
so the Jean material really hold the shape and mask any lump and bumps ;)

I added a black Tank (Penneys) under the Pink Shirt (Pennys) 

I tried white tank under the shirt but I think with the black leggings it works better.
As for the pink shirt I love it, I carry all my weight on my hips and butt so this loose shirt hides it.

My black wedges are from Dunnes (I wear these all the time)

You could wear full on black heels with this but I like wedges, easier and we took a walk after dinner so I am glad I picked them! 

For my jewellery I wore pearl earring and chain with my white watch that I always wear!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pearls, I dunno why! I think they are kind of romantic and chic so I have lots of pairs in all different sizes (Just from Penneys like super cheap!)
The mid-length chain has a large pearl on the end which I got in Dunnes.  

I have a video on this look coming soon :)

Love Sineady xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers hun :)
      When to Ginos, they were totally empty was crazy!

  2. I absoutley love this outfit!! ;)

  3. You look so so gorgeous! Love that top! The colour looks so beautiful on you!

  4. Sinead! Will you please check out my blog? I'm a huge follower of you and want to feature you as one of my favorite youtubers. Thank you so much!

  5. That's still super cute for not being fussy. I have a Henley Knit top in a color close to that and couldn't figure out what to pair it with... you have given me a fantastic idea =)

  6. OMG, Sineady - you look gorgeous! I just discovered you recently and I am so glad I did ;-) Love you blog & yt-videos and have found some really valuable tips for my makeup+ styling! Trully inspirational!
    Plus I am glad that I found someone who seems as fond of the e.l.f. range as I am :-) Keep up the excellent work & thank you so much for sharing*** cheers StrangenessOfHeart

  7. I LOVE it, I'd definitely wear this outfit too. And you are so pretty, you're stunning! :) (YES, you are :) )