Thursday, June 21, 2012

New BlankCanvasCosmetics Pro Brushes Review

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The full set contains: 15 Pro Deluxe brushes: 7 x face brushes, 7 x eye brushes (1 double ended) and 1 x Lip brush.
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F14 Small Contour/Blush brush €11
This brush works with everything pretty much – Foundation application, Blending, contouring/highlighting. I find it works best with powders and I love it for applying blush but it works best with powders.
I love the shape of this brush its lovely to work with!

F15 Small Tapered €11

This brush is awesome!! Think of it like a tapered blending brush you’ve use on your eyes but bigger so it can be used on the face. Awesome for getting that Kim K contoured look! I love it!! 

Available in two colours – Red/Black

F16 Large Tapered €16
This is the older sister of the small tapered brush, this brush it a larger fuller brush. The tapered tip works like the small tapered brush but the fullness then blends it out to create softer contours. 

F17 Pointed Tip Concealer €6
This flat brush with its synthetic bristles works like a brush for applying concealer. You won’t waste any product as it doesn’t absorb the concealer so you get the coverage you want right where you want it.

F18 Short Duo Fibre €12
This brush is so cute! Think of your typical duo fibre but then pop it in a shrink machine and you get this! It’s tiny but still big enough to use on the face. Work with EVERYTHING!! I use for foundation (though it does take longer you get a great finish) works great with concealer and even face/eye primer BUT WAIT there’s more, works awesome with cream blush, highlighter and even mineral powder product! All that from one brush, I know right AWESOME! 

F19 Dome Foundation Brush €12
Okay take a typical flat foundation brush and make it a million times better and you get this brush! Yay! It’s a dome shaped synthetic which works for pretty much everything.

F20 Flat Top Kabuki €20

If you follow my video that I don’t really need to tell you much about how much I love this brush. I have a full tutorial using it works for applying – moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, contour. Everything your little heart desires! It a serious favourite of mine!


E23 Short Pencil €6
This is a pretty typical pencil brush but what I love about this is that is not too long or short and not rigid or flimsy just right! 

E24 Blending Brush €6

If you are looking to only buy one eye brush then this is the ONE! It applies and blend just everything! 

E25 Tapered Blending Brush €6
One of my favourites and one that I reach for everyday. Prefect for blending out edges and smooth harsh shadow line. Also awesome for using with concealer

E26 Flat Shader Brush €6
This brush might look very familiar to MAC lovers it sooo like the 239 which is the only MAC brush that I would use over and over again forget the high €24 price no this baby is €6!

E27 Cute Mini Shader €6
This is a little baby brush! Its tiny I love it. Works great for applying shadow under the eye or right in that inner corner.

E28 Ultra Fine Liner
Perfect for precise application of cream/gel/ liquid liner!  Not too long not to short -smooth finish!

E30 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie
I use this every day! Even if I am not wearing makeup I always do my brows. The angle applies shadow and cream to fill in the brows and the spoolie brushes them in place!
Last but not least the lips!

L29 Lip Brush
Cute shape for that perfect finish!! Love!

I have to say you can really tell that theses are PRO brushes, so much work as gone into creating this and it really shows! I think these brushes could be the next big thing especially for those of us living in Europe as its an Irish based company.

If you would like to order these (and I am sure you will) you can get them at:

Discount code – SINEAD 10% OFF


  1. those brushes look so nice

  2. Yes!!! a European site (so we don't afraid extra customs!!) very good review I think I take one for me or for gift too!!

  3. How much do these cost in U.S. dollars?

  4. Thank you for the 10% off code bought myself a good haul of goodies

  5. hi sineady. im a newbie when it comes to makeups. im your biggest fan all the wayfrom the philippines. :) i hope you'll have a bcc pro brush set giveaway! haha im finding it hard to look for a quality brush set until i bumped into your blog. hope to hear from you :))

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