Thursday, May 9, 2013


If I was truly honest with myself I would want to 
look less like me and more like that!

I want:
A smaller nose
A thinner face
A shorter forehead
Large lips
Biggers eyes
Darker skin
Thicker hair
and that's just my face don't get me started on my body!!

I have no idea why I feel the need to change the things I do,
Why don't I want smaller eyes or thinner lips, Who knows!

We all see beauty differently, We all think different things are beautiful but it doesn't matter what we think is beautiful as long as we look in the mirror and find beauty in ourselves.

Sure I would want to look like that, But I look like me and that's okay too.

Remember to find beauty in yourself, 


  1. The "new" you looks a bit like Kim K, but you are much prettier!!

    Love from Sarah, a fellow Irish bblogger-

  2. Honestly the photo on the left is much more beautiful. The right one looks like a copy of kim K. You are perfect as you are. I'm sorry I do not speak English.

  3. For what it's worth, I think you look very pretty. And looking at the pictures, there is absolutely nothing I would change to make you look "better".
    This reminds me of Dove's Real Beauty Sketches (which I suggest you watch if you haven't already: )
    Cheers :)

  4. This is such a cool blog post! I literally want all of the same things done to me haha!

  5. You know. Nobody's perfect but you're perfect to me :)

  6. I think you are beautiful just the way you are. The new one kind of looks like Kim K. :) Love yourself. :)

  7. If God could grant me clear skin, I could live with everything else :( No matter what I do nothing helps !!

  8. When I first looked I could tell the difference between the two pictures apart from the color and the eye color then i carried on reading and you started to lets 'pick at it' and then i noticed them, its so weird how everyone sees everyone differently. Anyways how did you do that?

  9. it's the magazines tellin' you to look like that(like jolie or kim)!you are waaay to pretty to fall into that trap! you know we look alike a lot and i wanted too to loose my round face and my pale skin and my small eyes and all that but then i thought that fashion changes and i dont want some editor or director telling me what i should look like! kisses from greece ;)

  10. I think you look AMAZING just as you are. You are such a gorgeous girl - but I totally understand where you are coming from. We are so critical about ourselves. We pick pick pick away at each little thing until we are super insecure. It's a terrible cycle. Let's hope that things change!

  11. This is such a refreshing post. I have a lot of things I would love to change as well but at the end of the day I got all these features from my family, I´d rather look like them than something generated on a computer screen!
    Thanks for doing this post.

  12. I think all of us want something to be different about ourselves :) And even though the picture on the right does look a bit like Kim K, it also looks generic and almost like a doll, each one exactly the same as the next, nothing unique about any of them. You're beautiful, Sinead, and thanks for reminding us that we are too :)

  13. You're my ULTIMATE IDOL. In my honest opinion, you don't need it coz you're already awesome and pretty! By the way, I was the one who emailed you and you've replied in my email. :) Love love love from the Philippines!

  14. To be honest, if you naturally looked like the picture on the right, you would still want to look different. Grass is greener and so on, it's (unfortunately) human nature. This post has a great message, thank you :).

  15. So muuuuch better the first one. You are beautiful.

  16. But you're already wonderful!! I didn't even see the difference, I just thought you had a new foundation.
    I really love everything you do, I'm French and it's a pleasure to watch and listen to you :)
    Oh by the way, I'm going to England in a month and I'd like to know where you got your makeup fix, the Model in the Bottle one? And, what primer do you recommend? Is the Nivea one great? Thanks !

  17. I actually thought the first photo was nicer haha.

    Beauty Challenged

  18. the difference is amazing!

    id love for you guys to check out my new makeup review blog! stop by and say hello :)

  19. This post is so sweet and I think you look gorgeous in the first pic ;)

  20. This is such an amazing message for a beauty blog! Well done!

  21. the dream you looks fake and plastic and boaring, and pretty much like Angelina Jolie, while the real you really doesn't need a smaller nose, a shorter forehead, blonde hair, or a thinner face, please! It's ok to use make-up (even though I think too much is worthless and gives a fake look) or to watch the beauty queens, but let's all remember about real beauty and about being normal people, beautiful in our own way if we brighten out the good things we have! don't even think of changing, you are lucky enough to be super cute and pretty and people look up at you also for that, and for the fact that you teach how to enhance each one's unique's features. I am learning so much from your videos and they have lately become my favourite inspirations for wearable fab looks I couldn't even imagine before: less make-up a more beautiful and natural me!

  22. I get it. But you're pretty as you are. I'd change a million and one things about myself, too. We are our own worst critic.

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  24. Well whatever you think about you in your opinion. But I like you best the way you already are. And you are very beautiful.

  25. I have very recently started watching your videos (coz I'm making the tomboy-girl transition!) and I think you look absolutely beautiful the way you are :)
    I also liked the video on anxiety that you did, thanks for sharing that :)

  26. You`re so wise.......and sooo inspiaring......a lot of Young and old woman can learn things from you....your Beauty comes from can feel it Reading or watching you....Always puts a smile on my lips..and get me thinking of different things.....Lots of lOve MizzMadeUp