Monday, September 3, 2012

Lighten Hair At Home

So I have a little secret I love Cheryl! 

I try and copy her hair which changes all the time so its hard to keep up with her but I do love her hair so much! So when cheryl started spotting a light caramel brown I wanted to follow suit!

Unfortunately I have dark hair SO I wasn't sure if it would be possible to go that much lighter at home without making a MESS! 

I should also explain that I am CHEAP and I don't have the money to get it done professionally even though it would be easy to just get it done by a professionally.

I thought if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right and not too light too quickly so I slowly (and I mean slowly) dyed it lighter and lighter till I got it just right yay!

It took me the whole summer and it was great to have lighter hair because I now realise one thing - I DO NOT LIKE LIGHT HAIR ON ME! lol but it was fun!



                      But look at Cheryl now! Back to dark!! Yay I love this colour on her! 

Here is everything I used and did! 



  1. I really like lighter hair on you, I think it suits you. But the main thing is, how you feel. :)

    I also love Cheryl. I think every girl does. :) xx

  2. Love your hair darker and lighter.

  3. I liked your hair when it was dark and at the early stages of going lighter, but you could have stopped there. Too light hair doesn't really suit you, in my opinion. A chesnut brown or dark brown would be better.

  4. I would definetely say the lighter color is the best for you. Love your videos by the way.
    My blog:

    Take care

  5. Great post and love your blog!

  6. Hi, What hair dye did you use to lighten your hair at home?? :)

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