Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge

A moment...

Life is made up of lots of little moments 
and a single moment with the ones we love are always the most wonderful. 

This is me and Sandy, I got her for my birthday when I was 10 years old.
Sandy died in December not long after my birthday last year. I still feel her here. At night I might feel a little weight on my leg, she would always lean against my legs at night to sleep, I would hear paws running across the kitchen floor and remember her, or hear a dog bark next door and imagine her reply. Though this is my mind playing tricks on me, I still enjoy those little moments I hold on to them because they are all I have. 

See you all tomorrow, either on here or on twitter or instagram or facebook!

Sinead x


  1. Aw Sinead this was such a lovely post and such a lovely pic. When you love your pets so much, they become part of your family and it's impossible to forget them.

    Have a good day :) xx


  2. People or even animals we love are always here next to us and they do not leave our sight. She will always be next to you if you have her close to your heart and she will never leave. Noone can understand how u really feel but we are always with you. xx :)

  3. Super, że dziewczyny prowadzą takie miejsca, bo inaczej chyba bym się utopiła albo powiesiła. Mój cudowny i delikatny w ocenie przyjaciel Adam Hofmanośmiela się twierdzić, że jestem anty przykładem jeżeli chodzi o mój styl (a raczej brak stylu) , ale dzięki takim wpisom pokażę mu, że potrafię zrobić się na bóstwo.

  4. I love this post Ms. Sineady. You really love Sandy. Looks like you treat your pet so kindly. :)

  5. U Always looks flawless on your photos......what a Picture :) ......Lots of love MizzMadeUp