Sunday, July 28, 2013

Makeup Lesson

 More over eyeshadow, 

Do you want to bring out your eye colour???
Don't wanna use eyeshadow?
Use your lipstick!

No No, don't put lipstick on your eyes silly!

Put it on your lips (Or cheeks)

Colour                    Lipstick/Blush/Clothing 
Blue Eyes              Orange, peach, coral, gold, 
Green Eyes            Purple, Berry, Reds
Light Brown Eyes  Blue tones pinks (Cool skin tone)
Med Brown Eyes  Red/Purple 
Black/Brown Eyes Bright reds, pinks, oranges, purples 

Hazel: Blue/green
If you want to bring out the blue try orange 
If you want to bring out the green try berry tones

Hazel: Brown/Green
If you want to bring out the brown try blue toned pink
If you want to bring out the green try purple or berry
Or try Red!

Grey (Hints of blue) Try orange/Coral
Grey (Hints of green) Try Purple


  1. Cute idea! Using lipstick to enhance eye color. So many people focus just on the eyeshadow colors, but it's the overall look that really makes eye color pop. Thanks for sharing!

    (New subbie btw. :) Loving your blog so far!)

  2. I watched this video on Youtube but I have a question. I have brown eyes but blue toned pinks don't work for me because I have a warm undertone. Any other color you would recommend to bring out my brown eyes?

    I love you and your videos by the way! You're a great teacher :)

  3. Hi, firstly I like to say that your blog is so lovely ^_^
    Maybe it sounds silly but I do ever put lipstick on my eyes, hehe. It's my little secret. What I'm doing is just simply put pinky nude lipstick on my eyelid. Well of course it didn't work. I feel so weird.
    But I came to this post because I think you do the same thing, actually put lipstick on the eyes and works great. But no. So silly me, haha :D

  4. Amy, I think other shades of pink that are not blue-toned will suit you. If your eyes are light try lighter colours.
    I have dark brown eyes and a warm undertone and I love brick red and pinks that are not blue-based. It depends on your eye colour instensity.

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