Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eye Shapes

Finding Your Eye Shape


The average distance between a pair of eyes is the length of one eye.
Some times that distance is shorter – meaning the eyes are spaced closer together.
And other times that distance is wider – meaning the eyes are spaced further apart.

Average Eye Spacing – 
 The eyes are spaces one eye length apart.

Close Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced closer than one eye length apart.  

Wide Set Eyes –
The eyes are spaced further than one eye length apart.

Average – The eye lid is visual from the inner corner to the outer edge in a smooth curved shape.
Celebrity – Kim Kardashian & Cheryl Cole

Prominent – The eyes can protrude or extend from the face and may cause a crease underneath.
Celebrity – Katy Perry & Mila Kunis

Deep Set – The eyes are set deep in the head the opposite of a prominent shape.
Celebrity – Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift (Taylor’s eyes are also close set) 

Hooded – The eyes are almost hidden by a heavy crease with creates a hood over the lid.
Celebrity – Miley Cyrus & Jessica Sanchez

Droopy – The eyes drop or droop slightly on the outer edge.
Celebrity – Ann Hathaway 


  1. Loooved the video..Always so many good tips.....as Always very helpful....looking wonderful as Always..Lots oflove MizzMadeUp

  2. Thank you so much. I had been trying to figure out my eye shape for years. You made it so easy.

  3. I found this really interesting and helpful! Can you do a video like this on false eyelashes for different face shapes and eyeliner for different face shapes, Thanks.

  4. Hello :) I am still a little bit confused about my own eyeshape. I do have the same eye shape as Ashley Benson who playsas Hanna in Pretty Little Liars. I have my eyelids but near my teardot area its very close. I thought I have hooded eyes but my eyelids are very visible and ver deep :s couldyou help me :) thanks alot!

  5. Hi Sineady, I love your youtube chanell, I find all your tips realy helpful x u are my beauty ★ culd u please do video for prominent hooded eyes... big hug ♥

  6. can i send you pictures of my eyes and you tell me what shape i have ???

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  8. I have very round, prominent eyes and have a hard time doing cat eyes and smoky eyes. I feel like because I have such big eyes that when I try to do a dramatic eye it looks...messy. Help!

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  10. Thnx for all your tips! I should know everything after starting experimenting with make-up when I was 13-14 or so...Now I'm 54 and still learning, because you also want to change things when you get older. I am very blessed with good genes, no Botox needed and don't want to. Still some things change, like the firmness of my skin and eyelids....So always good advice....also for me!

  11. I've average, deep set hooded eyes! Would love any suggestions on how best to work this!

  12. Hi, please advise on what kind of eyes I got, n which is the right way to use the liner

  13. i have hooded wide set eyes, i'm not sure how to apply eyeliner

    1. Use a modified crease cut technique to create the illusion of less hooded eyes.

  14. Average shape, prominent and hooded eyes.

  15. I'm pretty sure I have prominent and droopy eyes. My eyelids are fleshy above the crease, and my eye makeup never seems to look the way I plan.

  16. I have news for you, Selena's eyes are both deep set and close set way worse than Taylor Swifts. I'm no fan of either, but Selena Gomez' features are weird, all her facial features are small, close set and clustered in the center of her face. But she hot n shit, amirite? It's what they all say, but I say she's EXTREMELY average in every way.