Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Makeup Lesson

Flat Foundation Brush

This is a great beginner brush, Super easy to work with and as I said in the video great for fixing liner and lipstick mistakes

Kabuki Brushes

I love this style of brushes, They are my favourite I use them the most!!
F20 Flat Top Buffer Brush (Pink)

F22 Round Top Buffer Brush

F21 Round Top Buffer Brush

F23 Pointed Tip

Duo Fibre Brushes

Duo meaning two, it's made of two fibre. If you love mineral foundation try these. They pick up the product and evenly apply it across the face. I love the mini one for cream blushes and highlighter and everything really, it's amazing!! 

F18 Duo Fibre

F03 Medium Duo fibre


  1. I've been searching for some nice kabuki brushes like this! Thank you!