Thursday, March 6, 2014

♡ My Perfect Imperfections ♡

♡ My Perfect Imperfections ♡

Nobodies perfect, we all have flaws. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good so let's make it even. 3 Things we like, 3 Things we don't like. Try to avoid hating anything about yourself you don't have to "like" everything but don't hate anything xxx

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Love yourself,
Sinead x


  1. you look so pretty :))

  2. Love your honesty Missy! everyone is beautiful! well done!!

  3. Love this vid and the others great job!

  4. U have NO idea how xcited I am to know you blog!! I stumbled upon the gloriousness of your YouTube channel a few months ago. Luv luv luv your candidness, awsome personality & of course make up skills. Keep it going & glowing!! Xx-o's from Arizona

  5. I really love how you are so honest. You are truly beautiful girl inside OUT!

    I'd love to be as amazing a makeup blogger as you someday.

    If you check out my blog it would mean the WORLD to me. I'm still new to this btw :)

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