Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finally Finished Foundation Series!

Flawless Foundation For Beginners!

Step One: Cleanse 
Pink Grapefruit Face Wash.
Make sure your make-up is going on fresh skin, this will make sure it goes on smoother and lasts longer!

Step Two: Tone
Simple facial toner.
A toner is just a liquid similar to water that rinses off any left over cleanser or dirt. Wipe it over the skin on a cotton pad!

Step Three: Moisturise 
Moisturise Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
Moisturise actually gives your foundation something to hold on so its very important!

Make sure you leave your skin settle for at least 5 minutes once you have completed these steps!

Step Four: Primer
Primer Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer Normal/Comb
Not everyone needs a primer, but if you are going to use one, you apply it after your Moisturiser, not before your moisturiser and not instead of your moisturiser, after your moisturiser, Yep! :)

Step Five: Foundation
Foundation Loreal True Match W1
                 Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect
I mixed up two foundations to get my prefect tone, texture and shade. It takes a lot of trial and error to find that out but when you do you wont forget it!

I use my F20 brush to apply it

You don't need a brush or sponge or any type of tool, feel free to use your finger tips, I like to pat in the foundation because it gives great coverage and looks great, I think its the heat from your fingers blends it so well!

And we're done!


  1. really useful post, thanks for sharing

  2. I have a question,,Do you apply the Foundation after the Primer dries? or it is not matter?

  3. I have been using the Simple moisturiser for years and have been using the same Nivea primer since it was launched and I've definitely noticed a difference in the staying power of my foundation :-) I use my fingers to apply it though as I've never found a brush I liked, but after your videos I may need to invest in the F20 :-) Great post xx

  4. Sinead I'm such a big fan, I'm really loving all the new foundation related videos at the moment! I really need to invest in the F20 it just seems so fab!
    As a side note, have you ever tried the Blank Canavas Cosmetics eye shadow palettes? I've been thinking of getting one but I'd love to rad some peoples opinions on them before I do!

  5. Great step by step tutorial. I love your blog, I'm from Ireland too and your new follower.x

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