Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benefit Fake up Review

Cake up Fake up!!

Flakey Skin? Dry Patches? Dehydrated Lines?

Stop your makeup caking up
Start using fake up by Benefit!

A creamy concealer with a ring of vitamin E & 
Apple seed extract moisturizer - Covers and hydrates!

With it Available in three shades - 01 Light  02 Medium  03 Dark

Many uses:

Under Eyes - Doesn't set in fine line.
Dry Patches - Blend in the direction of the flakes to help them disappear.
Smile Lines - Rehydrate caked up facial lines.
Lips - Blur lip lines and pigment without drying out the skin.

Want to learn more check out my video - Coming soon...


  1. I have been eyeing these up for so long! I really want to try it!xxx

  2. I really want to try this concealer as I have dry skin and this seems to be targeted at my sort of skin type. Great blog post :)

    my OOTD

  3. Okay, so I NEED this in my life. Consider it at the top of my to-buy list!

  4. Thank you Sinead! Can't wait to see the video! I played around with this at Sephora yesterday, but wanted to hear a little more about it first :)

  5. I've been using this daily since I bought it about a month back in Madrid, I love it! I always found it hard to find the right concealer, I think my search is over. I think there should be more shades available though!

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  8. this seems great. need to try x

  9. Love Benefit! Can't wait to try this out. I always get those horrible flakes around my spots when concealing.

    Beauty Challenged