Friday, November 29, 2013


Who me?? In Cosmopolitan magazine... 

All week long I've had comments about people seeing me in Cosmopolitan magazine. I was sure it wasn't me but I double checked my emails to make sure I hadn't sleep-emailed Cosmo into featuring me or something but no, I assumed it must have been a mistake. Maybe someone who looked like me or with a similar name.
It came as a total shock to me to get an email from a follower with a screenshot of it. 
I am over the moon!

It was this video that was featured, I'm still in shock!!

Thank you all so much for watching my videos. I can't believe a shy quiet girl from a small town has made it into Cosmopolitan magazine in India! Crazy!! 

Huge hugs and cakes all round today!!

Love Sineady xx


  1. You deserve it! Congratulations Sineadycady! I've always been a fan of your tutorials.

    xoxo Zoe

  2. You such a very talented person and I love to watch your videos very much especially your make up tutorials. They are very simple, understandable and very easy to follow. I have been following you for a very long time and YESS you deserve it :)) I will always support what ever you do.

  3. Congratulations Sinead! Well deserved! x

  4. You deserve all this and much more! Im glad to be the one who sent this screenshot!

  5. ur videos r awesome sweets! I started using makeup after watching ur simplified videos:) and its great that u have been featured (shouldn't u be asked before u r printed?? )
    Wish u loads of success!

  6. We'll deserved! Thank you for your charming tutorials and all the product information in your blog. It is greatly appreciated!