Sunday, January 20, 2013

I just don't know!!

Vichy Normaderm 
Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

This is gonna be a very mixed review, 
I dunno where to start with it one....

I guess I will start with WHY I bought this. Vichy claim this moisturiser is for "imperfection-prone skin, to help with redness, shine, scarring and uneven texture." All issues I have. My skin is prone to breaking out but I have to be careful what I use on it, as it can become very dry if I use the typical "Acne" type products. 

This product includes Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and LHA. This combination creates a peeling action penetrating the deep layers of the skin. "Treating from within"

So that's what it claims but what does it actually do...

  • It does seem to treat blemishes on the face, I feel a tingling feeling for a few second on the areas that I have blemishes and acne scars. 

  • It hasn't affected my dry skin patches. Keeping them comfortably moisturised.


  • Doesn't seem to sink into the skin, it sits on top of my skin making it feel greasy.  

  • I didn't notice my pores on my nose and cheeks were any smaller.

  • The packaging makes you think you have lots left, so its hard to judge when you need more.

  • Its expensive!!

  • Does NOT work as a makeup base! Unless you like it melting off in a few minutes!

I honestly cannot decide what to do about this! 
Should I get it again...What do you think??

Love, a very confused Sinead :/


  1. Hey Sinead! First time commenting. From what you seem to be saying about this product is that you don't really like it for the amount of money you are spending. There is always something out there that you will be satisfied with the amount of money you pay for the product. Also: do you think maybe you could feature some more products that you can find easily in the States? I'm having trouble finding some of the products you use, or maybe even a dupe video for great products that you use that can only be found in the UK or Europe. Thanks!

  2. First off I would like to comment that I LOVE learning makeup from you. You have amazing camera presence, and make the process so simple to understand and follow. Especially for someone who has never had any experience in the art of makeup.
    Next have you ever tried products from Mary Kay? Here in US we have a line called Velocity that treats acne, without the Salicylic Acid. It comes in a cleanser and moisturizer for $22. I think the UK version (it has 2% Salicylic Acid) is called Clarifying Cleanser For Acne-Prone Skin. The trial size set is £18.50 Perhaps it is worth a try?

  3. Sounds to me like you have answered your own question there by pointing out the pro's & con's you have more con's than pro's. The fact that it sits on your skin is a big no no to be honest it would be a waste of time applying makeup if its not going to last. Plus its expensive and not really doing everything it says its suppose to do. I bet you any money you would find the right product for you that does what this claims for half the price or even the same price. Go with your gut feeling hunny

  4. Hey, I also bought this a couple weeks back - As ex cabincrew, the grooming training always recommended brands like vichy and I finally had had enough of using greasy supermarket moisturiser (it was on special offer!) I have very similar skin to yours, and was initially pleased that it didn't dry my skin and it didn't incur any redness/dryness.

    However I completely agree with you - I ended up with patchy make up and nasty peely bits around my face. Due to its cost I now use it at night rather than waste it.

    Boots have 30% off La roche-posay, (yes, I'm a special offer hunter) another brand preached about in the grooming sessions due to its alleged better quality paraban free etc etc so I'm now trying "hydreane riche". It only needs a tiny amount for application- a little goes a very long way and it isn't greasy at all. However it doesn't claim to assist redness, combat shine (although it certainly didn't make it worse) or clean the kitchen (bummer). So Garner just brought out a bb cream for oily skin that it apparently non-comedogenic, and is much less shiny than the original version, So Im using that on the top - quick and easy for the 3 am starts as I now work on trains ..Early days yet but worth a try!

    A tiny essay to basically say no, I dont think vichy is worth what it claims to do. Spend the extra pennies on cake.

  5. Hello there. I love the Vichy Normaderm line. I have almost all the products from that line. It has done wonders to my sensitive, acne-prone skin. All I have left is some scarring.
    So for the pores-part. I don't remember if the day cream you've got there is pore minimizing, but they have a night cream that definitely is. The night cream does minimize my pores at least.
    And I do agree with you that this moisturizer does not sink into the skin, it stays on top. So when I'm wearing liquid foundation I go for their Non-stop matte moisturizer + Nivea soft cream. HOWEVER, this Anti-imperfection moisturizer works very well with just some concealer and powder on top. I use a cream concealer on my acne scarring and something liquid under my eyes and then pop some medium cover powder on top and it stays there all day. On me at least. So on daily basis I use this exact moisturizer to control my acne, but for "special" occasions I use the Non-stop matte-thingy.

  6. I tried that moisturiser, and I read people with the same issues: it's not absorved by the skin. So, what's the point of putting something in your face which simply sits on the skin? I think there are better options in the market to treat blemishes and do all that jazz... When i tried this, it simply came off when i apllied my foundation. But it did work well when i mixed with it.

    I have oily skin and it's sensitive (it can become dehidrated if i use too much acne fighting ingredients in my skin regime), and what i notice is my skin reacts so much better when i use a basic moisturiser (i'm loving the dramatically different moituriser gel by clinique) and then spot treat the blemishes (at night). That way i'm not punishing all my skin with that harsh ingredients. I choose to use those ingredients (like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc.) in my cleanser and toner. I also exfoliate 2/3 times a week with the vichy daily exfoliant. For spot treat i tried tea tree oil and never stop using it, it works wonders and it's a natural ingredient. This way works for me and i never experience dehidrated skin again :)

  7. It's really complicated, I am also confused, and want to say same thing, "I dunno where to start with it" but when googling with the term "vichy normaderm anti-imperfection hydrating care review", I found lots of review by different user, I am checking...Now I think I can take a decession that, I should try different product.
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