Thursday, July 19, 2012

Collaborate With Me This Saturday!

Collaborate With Me!

So this Saturday 21st July I will be doing my first collaboration video. I am kind of nervous because what if no one joins in then it will be just me....Hmm please join in then?!

What you have to do:
Create an OOTD video on what you like to wear shopping.
Edit the video however you like, I do mine with music but its up to you, have fun with it.
Upload the video on you channel.
Use the name - Collaboration with TheMakeupChair
Post as a video response to my video.
Voila! you're done now its all down to me.

How to create a video response


  Press the box like you are going to comment and this happens.


See what happens -

Hope that helps, see you Saturday! xx


  1. So excited! Hoping this will give me the push I need into working on my blog + youtube. It's a really good idea Sinéad! x

  2. Don't worry, I'm sure a lot of people will join. I'm excited! I hope my net connection is good on Saturday! It's a bit difficult to upload vids lately.

  3. Just left you a video response! thank you for doing this! It's very generous and very sweet of you! been watching you from the start and you have blossomed beautifully! can't wait to see more videos from you :)

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