Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Get Ready With Me!
Day 4 of 10

I'm going on holiday with my boyfriend John NEXT WEEK and before I go I want to be acne free, hair free (in all the right places) with soft tanned skin and healthy shiny hair but I can't do it all in one day so follow me as I get ready to go.

If you have a special day you wanna get ready for like Prom, Debs, Homecoming or a wedding follow along and GET READY WITH ME!

Day Four: Feet

I have talked before how much I hate my feet and when you plan on wearing cute shoes and sandals it can be tricky to know where to start but this is awesome - It's the Micropedi and I swear out of all the things I have ever tried this works!! My feet are so soft and smooth now it's like getting new feet! 

I talk about it more here: You just have to skip ahead a bit :) 

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